Netscape 6 PR3 Available

Tuesday October 3rd, 2000

Netscape has made PR3 available from their website. PR3 is currently only available in the English version, according to the options given on the site.

#100 Why is everybody soo happy with PR3

by sanana2

Monday October 9th, 2000 2:19 PM

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I do not understand why erverybody is so happy with this new PR3 release???

A couple of things that irritate me: Main: -It is still a lot slower then IE 5.0. -It is still a lot slower then NS 4.7x -Where the hell have the Cascading stylsheets level 2 went to?? In PR2 there was and now there isn\\\\\\\'t. It doesnt matter if this is a W3C standard, halve the world is using mouseovers etc. What the hell is wrong at Netscape Inc? Do they need a good project leader? I volunteer!

Visual bugz: -The netscape starting window is resizable??? Where the hell is that for. It also looks very cheap! -The interface is a bit slow when interacting with other windows (and yes i have 400MB in this machine). -Is this the winning Theme of the interface CONTEST! What a CRAP... Sliderbars that are dissapearing when moving up and down, when clicking on My side bar and clicing on a purple folder the folder dissapears. -The preferences menus and pulldown menus are slow.. why? Because of this the application interface doesn\\\\\\\'t feel ROBUUT!!.. I think these guys can learn a lot from \\\\\\\"Fundamentals of software engineering, Ghezzi\\\\\\\". -Why are all the popup windows located at the top of the screen???

Good things: -The DOM render engine (seems to render correct). -MySite bar. -Tiny Personal toolbar. -Customizable interface. -Storage of forms, great! But also a point of discussion about security.

At last: we probably need a PR4, up to PR20 to have a final version in my opinion. Meanwhile i keep working with NS4.7x and sometimes when sites need more I.E. 5.x.

I hope my English was understandable.

Paul Koster