Work on BeZilla Resumed

Friday September 29th, 2000

Work on BeZilla, the port of Mozilla to the BeOS, has resumed. You can find out more info at the newly revamped BeZilla area of

Thanks to arielb for the news.

#3 hmm

by jilles

Monday October 2nd, 2000 9:53 AM

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As long as it doesn't slow down regular development it's fine with me. However, BeOS is a very small platform with a negligable userbase. Also BeOS has not been very supportive lately (too busy admiring themselves?).

We've all been waiting for mozilla for quite some time now. Linux (and other unix brands) desperately needs a decent browser. Netscape 4 is getting more and more obsolete. I switched to IE 4 over two years ago on windows, and netscape 4 has not improved much in this period. I've been sampling the nightly builds for a while and I like what I see. I may consider switching if it gets fast and stable enough (which judging by the latest builds is actually happening).

BeOS is not a good excuse to delay things but if they can play catch up in the background that's fine with me. Having a decent browser is definately in their interest.