MozillaZine Updates

Wednesday September 20th, 2000

Lots of happenings at in the past few days, with a new roadmap up for review, and a new checkin policy, in force. Both are plans for the future of mozilla following Mozilla .9 and Netscape 6.

In a nutshell, Netscape and Mozilla will branch soon, and all Netscape 6/Mozilla .9 work will be on that branch, while the trunk rolls towards a Mozilla 1.0 release. The new reviewer rules are now in effect, and require you to still get a peer review and module owner approval, and along with those a super review from the reviewers group at

Along with all that, there is a new status update now up, with a variety of updates on what has been happening over the last week.

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by unapersson

Thursday September 21st, 2000 5:49 AM

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Well, the last two nightlies have worked fine on NT4. Try deleting the old files under bin before installing the new ones. Just because you\'re having problems it doesn\'t immediately mean that everyone else is.