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Wednesday September 20th, 2000

Lots of happenings at in the past few days, with a new roadmap up for review, and a new checkin policy, in force. Both are plans for the future of mozilla following Mozilla .9 and Netscape 6.

In a nutshell, Netscape and Mozilla will branch soon, and all Netscape 6/Mozilla .9 work will be on that branch, while the trunk rolls towards a Mozilla 1.0 release. The new reviewer rules are now in effect, and require you to still get a peer review and module owner approval, and along with those a super review from the reviewers group at

Along with all that, there is a new status update now up, with a variety of updates on what has been happening over the last week.

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by tny

Friday September 22nd, 2000 11:32 AM

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So far, AD has been right on the money every time. I'm starting to use 2000091905 as my everyday browser, and things are looking VERY good.

Interesting idea, that Netscape 6 will be based on Mozilla 0.9: just as long as Netscape 6.1 (rather than, say, Netscape 6.01) is based on Mozilla 1.0 and the M0.9 branch does die eventually.