MozillaZine Updates

Wednesday September 20th, 2000

Lots of happenings at in the past few days, with a new roadmap up for review, and a new checkin policy, in force. Both are plans for the future of mozilla following Mozilla .9 and Netscape 6.

In a nutshell, Netscape and Mozilla will branch soon, and all Netscape 6/Mozilla .9 work will be on that branch, while the trunk rolls towards a Mozilla 1.0 release. The new reviewer rules are now in effect, and require you to still get a peer review and module owner approval, and along with those a super review from the reviewers group at

Along with all that, there is a new status update now up, with a variety of updates on what has been happening over the last week.

#15 re: "Thumbs Up" people are on crack!

by asa <>

Thursday September 21st, 2000 3:45 PM

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LighrtenUp, I appreciate your frustration. Most of us have been where you are at one point (or more) during our involvement with the project. I am sorry to hear that you are having this difficulty and would be glad to help you get it worked out (email me, file a bug and cc: me on it, or stop in at #mozillazine on IRC).

As far as taking the time to actually test these builds, I do. I download builds on 3 platforms usually twice a day. So do the dozen or so other people I talk to before posting to the BuildBar. I also read all the recent bug reports (hundreds a week) filed to see what kinds of problems people are running into. I also read a dozen or so newsgroups looking for issues. I spend quite a bit of time working with win32, mac and linux Mozilla builds and try to pass on some of my experiences here at the buildbar and in the Read More comments page, often linking to pertinent bugs or explaining recent changes. If you would like to have a say in what goes up at the buildbar please email me or let me know on IRC. I'm availble from about 10am Pacific time until about 7PM. I try to update the buildbar at about Noon (this varies depending on the timing of the daily builds and the time it takes me to test all three of them) so if you would like to comment on problems in a dialy build the best thing is to file a bug and let m know about it on IRC or through email before noon.

Not being able to ger Mozilla to start is frustrating. I hope that your issue is resolved soon.