Mozilla Training Videos Now Online at

Friday September 15th, 2000

Always wanted to learn more about Mozilla? Well, now you have an opportunity to learn from the engineers who created the beast. has released thirteen training videos totalling almost twelve hours of instruction. Topics range from Architecture/Design/Coding Principles to Mail/News to XPCOM and Multithreaded NSPR programming. The videos are in Real Media format, sizes ranging from 15M to 36M.

#24 Re: Re: why real media?

by os2guru <>

Sunday September 24th, 2000 12:28 AM

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So? Why can't they please both, by offering the RMs for online streaming, and MPEG1 (.MPG) files for those who want higher video quality to play offline?.

BTW: I should mention there's no RM player for OS/2, and that QT sucks. So the only really multi-platform choice is MPEG1 video.