Mozilla Training Videos Now Online at

Friday September 15th, 2000

Always wanted to learn more about Mozilla? Well, now you have an opportunity to learn from the engineers who created the beast. has released thirteen training videos totalling almost twelve hours of instruction. Topics range from Architecture/Design/Coding Principles to Mail/News to XPCOM and Multithreaded NSPR programming. The videos are in Real Media format, sizes ranging from 15M to 36M.

#14 Re: Re: Damn that Monkey

by Jake <>

Monday September 18th, 2000 11:30 AM

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Run "command"

---- In the DOS Window ---

ftp <>

Login: anonymous

Pass: [e-mail address]

cd /pub/mozilla/nightly/latest

hash # Turn on Hash Printing so you can see that somehing is still happening



# Wait for download to complete



------------ End DOS Windows

Now there's no more Monkey... and a browser crash don't stop you from using your download... :)