First Forumzilla Release!

Friday September 15th, 2000

Tony Jordan writes, "We wanted to let everone know that we have released a new Mozilla application called ForumZilla. This is a newsgroup like web-based forum reader that lets you read sites like MozillaZine, for example, in a mail/news type format. In fact, MozillaZine is the first forum to support ForumZilla. Go here for the press release or just go here to install it and tell us what you think!"

After installing Forumzilla and restarting, the app will appear in your Tasks menu. Click it, and when the Forumzilla window comes up, choose Subscribe from the App menu. For now, choose one of the two forums from the dropdown list. If you subscribe to the MozillaZine forum, you can then browse and reply to our forums using Forumzilla.

Forumzilla is an extremely cool implementation of Mozilla's XUL technology (and RDF as well). Definitely check it out when you get the chance.

#7 The next logical step ...

by mpt <>

Saturday September 16th, 2000 12:19 AM

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Now, if only the Forumzilla developers could get these discussions working as folders within Mozilla's mail/news component itself, so I didn't have to switch to a different component to read and reply to them (and I didn't have to learn a different UI than the one I already use for e-mail and Usenet discussions) ... now that would *really* be cool (and would cut down on bloat).

An even more fiendish exercise would be to develop a wizard which, given a Web page, and with some help from the user, could parse any Web forum and work out how to present it as a Forumzilla folder.

-- mpt