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Wednesday September 13th, 2000

Christian Schaller writes, "Being impressed with the recent progress of Mozilla, I decided to write a small review of the Linux nightly builds. Hope this is of interest."

Mozilla is definitely looking better and better every day. I'll also have to admit that I am pleased with the way the new Modern skin is turning out.

App responsiveness is up, and the overall feel is much more solid. Now, if they could just make the mail/news threadpane move faster than molasses on a cold day. That's probably the worst performance issue on the app currently, because it's the most visible, even with 500 message newsgroups.

#8 Themes on linux broken

by mpercy

Friday September 15th, 2000 1:16 PM

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In the nightlies for the past week or so, I havent been able to select any theme on Mozilla form within the prefs dialog. Anyone know whats going on here? I'd like to see the new modern...