ViXEn: The Visual XUL Environment

Thursday September 7th, 2000

From the website: "Vixen is designed to be a Visual XUL IDE similar to Visual Basic, Delphi, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Glade, but for the XPToolkit technology developed by the Mozilla project. The initial goal of Vixen is to allow developers to quickly develop professional quality dialogs and windows without having to write any (or at least much) XUL or CSS by hand. The long term goal is to create a comprehensive development environment for rapid development of XUL applications."

#5 Re: "Obvious?" suggestion...

by sab39

Friday September 8th, 2000 9:56 AM

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Well, my thought was to simply extend Ender rather than reuse parts of its functionality. Ender is already modifying DOM trees under the hood, and I can't believe it makes *that* much difference whether the DOM trees in question are XML or XUL or HTML. You would need a different set of editing rules and some new toolbars with the XUL elements available rather than the HTML ones, but that sounds like it would be about all that was needed. Sounds easier than writing a XUL editor from scratch, even if you do borrow the undo/redo.

However, all I know about ender is from reading the newsgroups, and I haven't even been subscribed to .editor for some time now (reading every mozilla newsgroup I was interested in was just taking too much time). So I don't really know how feasible this is. Just throwing it out there as a suggestion that *seems* obvious, to see whether it really is feasible.