Personal Security Manager 2 is out.

Wednesday September 6th, 2000

Bruno Clermont writes, "This is not an article, it's a notice that the Personal Security Manager (PSM) 1.2 is out. And it doesn't work with the latest nightly build (2000090608) under Linux :)"

#6 Re: shouldn't the source be released now

by rblord <>

Thursday September 7th, 2000 11:16 PM

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We released the source to most of PSM on 3/31 of this year. As you mentioned, it was missing the RSA algorithm, which was a problem for people outside the Netscape firewall.

We started work on re-implementing the RSA algorithm yesterday, and have a first draft checked in now. We hope to have NSS 3.1 in beta within a week or so. Improvements to PSM to allow it to build and work outside the firewall can now also begin (since PSM requires NSS).

You may wish to watch for updates on the crypto newsgroup: <news://…ape.public.mozilla.crypto>

We will also have updates on our main PKI web page <>

Regards, -Bob