Mozilla Theme Builder!

Saturday August 26th, 2000

Alphanumerica, recently acquired by CollabNet, has released their Mozilla Theme Builder under the MPL. You can find out more, see screenshots and download the Theme Builder here. It's still in development, but it's pretty impressive, and is going to be a boon to skin developers when completed. You need an M17 build or PR2 to run the Theme Builder in its current state.

#8 Elite Translation

by FattMattP

Friday September 1st, 2000 7:42 AM

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I thought it was funny. It says:

No elite hacker wou1d ever use this. A real hacker only codes in assembly language. It's a tragedy that C++ and its object-oriented ilk has taken over the programming world. Of course, if you are not a real hacker and don't have the skills then it's okay.