Modern 2.0

Wednesday August 23rd, 2000

Netscape has begun working on landing the new modern skin for both Mozilla 1 and Netscape 6. The current plan is to dump the current modern skin when the new one has fully landed.

While the skin looks better than the first version of Modern, we think this time could be better spent on improving the Classic skin, which is preferred by the majority of users, rather than working on a skin that has already been shunned by most in the community. What are they thinking?

#36 Re: Silent majority love modern.

by macpeep

Thursday August 24th, 2000 8:42 AM

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And what do you base those claims on? In fact Netscape is doing the Modern 2.0 skin because it got so bad reviews for the current Modern skin which sucked BIG TIME. I remember when the first skin (they gray one) came out, some people complained it sucked while others thought it was decent. Then they did the "real skin" which is the current modern one. Immediately, there was a HUGE flood of "oh my god!! NO!!!!!!!! what have you done!?!? you can't be serious!?" emails. My initial reaction was pretty much like this too and even today I think that the Modern skin is a horrible.

Modern 2 is getting great feedback and so is Classic.. It's not just Mozillazine - it's all the newsgroups, IRC, Slashdot etc. There was a poll in one newsgroup about which skin to use as default, Modern or Classic and the result was something like 90-3 for Classic and most people added a comment like "KILL modern!!".

But like I said.. Modern 2.0 has received good reviews by most people so far.