Modern 2.0

Wednesday August 23rd, 2000

Netscape has begun working on landing the new modern skin for both Mozilla 1 and Netscape 6. The current plan is to dump the current modern skin when the new one has fully landed.

While the skin looks better than the first version of Modern, we think this time could be better spent on improving the Classic skin, which is preferred by the majority of users, rather than working on a skin that has already been shunned by most in the community. What are they thinking?

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by teakill <>

Wednesday August 23rd, 2000 9:17 PM

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I have to agree with you here. The modern skin was a nice experiment, but most people including myself are used to the classic. Why do people always feel that new software needs a new interface. I can navigate websites just fine with the classic skin. Netscape should finish the classic, then let users download some groovy new one as they wish. Make one thing and make it work. Maybe mozilla 1.0 would come out by xmas.