Java On Mac

Monday August 21st, 2000

Interested in working on Mac Mozilla (and getting paid for it?) Mention was made in bug 48605 of the lack of resources to fix a problem with Java crashing in the Mac builds. George Drapeau goes on to mention that they (not sure if it is Sun or Netscape he's referring to) are interested in hiring more Mac talent for the project. If you are interested, send notice to George.

#1 Wow

by gwalla

Tuesday August 22nd, 2000 4:20 PM

It's kind of amazing that Sun has no resources to spare working on Java for Mac.

#2 Re: Wow

by briansmith

Tuesday August 22nd, 2000 4:34 PM

Sun only takes responsibiliy for a Windows, Solaris, and a Linux port of JDK and JRE. Apple is more or less responsible for Java on the Macintosh, although Sun probably is helping them out in order to guarentee ubiquity for its platform.

#3 Re: Re: Wow

by pohl

Wednesday August 23rd, 2000 9:30 AM

This brings up an interesting situation that I would like to see addressed. The Linux/PPC crowd would benefit from a good port of Java, and since there is a lot of PowerPC assembly at the core of HotSpot, their efforts (under the umbrella, I believe) would be best shared with those of Apple. Sun's position is that since both parties are licensees of the Java source that they could collaberate, yet no one can seem to get a response out of someone within Apple. The home page of the porting effort is here and the unheard cries are reflected here