Sunday August 20th, 2000

Ryan Cassin writes, "Many people who are in the #mozillazine conversation know about Dino, but I'd like to take time right now and quickly introduce readers of to Dino as well. Essentially, Dino is a set of Patches (which come in an easy to install XPI) which add a wide array of options to Mozilla. Included is the ability to remove the print and search buttons from the main toolbar, and toggle the bookmarks menu and the home button from the personal toolbar. Also included is a notepad-like sidebar. Why not head over to the dino homepage at and give it a whirl?"

#14 It's almost there

by zachlipton

Tuesday August 29th, 2000 12:56 PM

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Dynamic overlays will soon be used in dino 1.5, it is in final testing now and it will be posted to the net soon