XUL Tutorial at Zvon

Friday August 18th, 2000

Jiri Znamenacek writes, "Another Zvon announcement: This week we have published another Mozilla related resource - "XUL reference with examples". Besides that you can see all examples 'on the fly' together with their sources, the whole thing is written with XUL itself. Almost all texts for the reference came from Ian Oeschger's "XUL Programmer's Reference" and are used under his permission."

#1 Love it!

by imarsman <>

Friday August 18th, 2000 11:55 AM

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I had heard about the use of XUL and its possibilities, but this really drives it home. Bloody amazing! I am salivating at the thought of all of the great web-based apps I can now make. Love it!!! By the way, the memory management of Mozilla is getting much better. Need stablility, speed, and good memory management.