MozillaZine Announces Intent to Dual-License Mozilla

Wednesday August 16th, 2000 announced today their intention to dual-license the whole of the Mozilla codebase under the MPL (Mozilla Public License) and the GPL (Gnu Public License). There is more information available in this news post, and the FAQ at

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by MattyT <>

Thursday August 17th, 2000 5:48 PM

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The fact that Moz wasn't available under the GPL was beginning to increasingly annoy me over time.

This will also be very useful so people can use Mozilla more in other projects, but it will be interesting to see how it will affect the Mozilla code base.

Since GPL can only link to things that don't restrict further than the GPL, which the MPL alone does, and there's plenty of MPL code copyrighted to entities other than Netscape, purely GPL code is not going into Mozilla for a while yet. That is unless checking into the Moz tree required a copyright assignment I wasn't aware of.