MozillaZine Announces Intent to Dual-License Mozilla

Wednesday August 16th, 2000 announced today their intention to dual-license the whole of the Mozilla codebase under the MPL (Mozilla Public License) and the GPL (Gnu Public License). There is more information available in this news post, and the FAQ at

#21 Re: Re: What is the point???

by samfish

Thursday August 17th, 2000 11:42 AM

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Since this is turning into a linux debate, I'll add my $0.02.

Most people I know who bought or downloaded Linux didn't keep it on their system for more than a few moths. It has some interesting stuff, but after a few months of changing the skins for the desktop you find that there's not much to do with it. There is word processing, but that's not very fun (BTW, WordPerfect is much better than either MS Word or Staroffice and is very affordable and cross platform). Other than that youi have Gimp, which is pretty nice, but still lacking in some features that would make it a professional quality paint program. If you're into 3d graphics, there's Blender, but that thing has such a horrible and confusing interface that it defeates the powerful features it has. I took me ten minutes just to figure out how to load a file into the program.

From whaty I've seen, Linux needs to be completely rewritten. It's following the samew path MS took with dos, which is a commandline OS with a huge bloated GUI attached to it and every new feater is just being added on top of the old stuff. If you want to see someone who is doing it right, look at BeOS. It takes about 5 minutes from install to be up and running (linux and MS can't claim this... MS can't hardly boot in 5 minutes). It's easy to configure, it's small, it's fast, and it's not outdated. Once they get some application support (they already have some big names porting to their OS) They will be the ones to compete with MS for the desktop market. They just need to make some more noise like the Linux gang has been doing.