MozillaZine Announces Intent to Dual-License Mozilla

Wednesday August 16th, 2000 announced today their intention to dual-license the whole of the Mozilla codebase under the MPL (Mozilla Public License) and the GPL (Gnu Public License). There is more information available in this news post, and the FAQ at

#16 Re: What is the point???

by mattdm <>

Thursday August 17th, 2000 7:13 AM

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1) The IDG figures talking about shipments don't cover what I would guess is the majority of Linux installs -- copies obtained for free.

I don't think I could come up with 100 people who use Linux as their only OS, but I *can* think of 100 who at least dual-boot. As Linux software gets further along, they'll move more and more away from MS Windows. And what will encourage that? Well, actually, I expect the GNOME Foundation to be quite a big deal.

2) I agree that StarOffice 5.0 has a terrible UI. That, again, is part of why this announcment is so cool. (They seem to be going *less* in their own direction.) At the very least, breaking it into individual components should reduce startup time.

And, moving Mozilla to the GPL will make it much more likely that things like skins become compatible.

3) I expect that the Netscape-branded version will ship with a much more conservative skin. But that's still Mozilla!