MozillaZine Announces Intent to Dual-License Mozilla

Wednesday August 16th, 2000 announced today their intention to dual-license the whole of the Mozilla codebase under the MPL (Mozilla Public License) and the GPL (Gnu Public License). There is more information available in this news post, and the FAQ at

#10 yes but... let's talk about the future !

by RvR <>

Thursday August 17th, 2000 2:03 AM

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ok, for now Linux may not be used by more than 1% of the desktop users... skins are useless most for most people... integration is difficult to achieve when you have separate projects, but things may change.

we may see pretty cool Linux desktops in a near future. look at the Helix Gnome Desktop <> or at KDE 2...

and we could have them preinstalled on PCs or PPCs. i'm quite sure that the "average computer user" people you talk about use Windows because it comes preinstalled, not because they really want it. they would really _use_ Linux if it comes preinstalled and configured with a working Net connection (DSL or whatever)

i see Mozilla as a part of this strategy for the future.