Open Invitation for Mozilla Developer Day Attendees

Tuesday August 15th, 2000

Meep (mlum) writes, "There will be a dinner on August 18, 2000 that all Alphanumerica/Mozilla Developer Day attendees are invited to. See here for more details on this event."

Sounds like the Developer Day this Friday at the Netscape campus is going to be a lot of fun! There's still time to sign up; click here for details, or here to RSVP. The Developer conference is the day after LinuxWorld in San Jose, and is right nearby, so if you're in the area for LinuxWorld, why not fill out the week with a trip to the Netscape campus, where you can get a free lunch and T-Shirt, and a chance to hang out with the Mozilla developers? The first meeting was great fun (here are some pictures) and this one promises to be even more so.

#2 Ditto.

by FrodoB

Wednesday August 16th, 2000 10:32 AM

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Ok, so I'd look like a complete dweeb wearing it around Luther's campus, but since I'm a CS and music major, I look like a complete dweeb anyway, so I might as well be a stylin' complete dweeb! :)