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Thursday August 10th, 2000

Dave Boswell writes, "Thanks to Dan Haddix PagMan has made an astounding amount of progress lately. Check out the latest version of the game (it works!) here."

Dan has also posted a version with an easter egg here.

#18 Re: Re: Why XUL?

by WillyWonka

Friday August 11th, 2000 1:23 PM

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"I came into the project after the decision to use XUL had been made, but I believe that decision was largely based around the grid widget."

Ah okay

"Plus the whole point of this project was developing a game for Mozilla not IE."

Okay, I can see that, but if you really want to impress people, show them that you can code it once and get it to work in all web browsers. After all, thats what all the fuss about the w3c standards is about.