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Thursday August 10th, 2000

Dave Boswell writes, "Thanks to Dan Haddix PagMan has made an astounding amount of progress lately. Check out the latest version of the game (it works!) here."

Dan has also posted a version with an easter egg here.

#12 Re: Is Frogger doable? Donkey Kong?

by Dan6992

Friday August 11th, 2000 11:28 AM

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As a matter of fact I have also done both a Frogger and a DonkeyKong for Netscape 4.x so I guarantee they can be done in Mozilla. The Frogger game can be found on my site at <> The DonkeyKong game was 95% done but it got to the point where it was so slow that it was barley playable on my PII266 so I gave up on it. I think Mozilla may be able to handle it better though since the DOM functions allow me to do the same amount of work with a lot less code then NN4.x required. I am eventually going to port them both, but I don't know how soon.