PC Magazine's First Look At Communicator 4.5

Monday October 19th, 1998

Joel Caris writes in to say, "This link is to a First Look of Communicator 4.5 from PC Magazine. A nice review. Might be of interest.

On a side note, those that have checked out the front page of Netcenter today will see that Netscape is finally giving decent promotion to the browser. There is a prominent link (red, to set it apart) and the Download button has been changed to make it clear you can download 4.5 by clicking it. Hopefully, the links will stay up until 5.0 comes out.

In my opinion, Netscape has in no way been promoting the browser enough. I hope to see a strong push and advertising campaign behind 4.5."

#6 Re:PC Magazine's First Look At Communicator 4.5

by Jim

Tuesday October 20th, 1998 11:09 PM

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The greater barrier to promoting Navigator or Communicator thru CD-giveaways is that it costs enormous amounts of money, and in addition, there is not guarantee that people will switch over.

A service such as AOL, which bundles a browser with the program, would fare much better. In addition, persuading the computer manufacturers to put Netscape onto the computer will prove to be a much more effective method of marketing.

Since they are not charging for the browser, they do not have revenue coming back to them to fund such advertising. IE, on the other hand, is supposedly free of charge. Though the unintegrated version of IE is available for download for no charge, the cost of IE is built into the cost of the operating system. It is, after all, now an "integral" part of Win98.

That is another point I don't understand - if the browser is an essential part of the operating system, which I interpret to mean that one cannot function without the other, how is it that you can download an individual copy of IE and still have it run on, say Win95?