Netscape 6 Themes Contest Underway!

Wednesday August 9th, 2000

With the release of Netscape 6 PR2 comes the start of the Netscape 6 Themes Contest. Grand Prize is a Philips Plasma-Screen TV, Second Prize is a Sony Digital Camera, Third Prize is an iBook Special Edition, and the prize for Honorable Mention (10 awarded) is a Diamond Rio PMP300 Special Edition. You may also find your skin included in the final release of Netscape 6!

If you're interested in creating a Mozilla skin, why not submit it to the contest as well? You might just walk away a winner. Visit the Themes Contest page now to learn more about the rules, the prizes, and detailed instructions and tutorials on how to create a Mozilla full-app skin.

The contest ends September 30th, so get to work!

UPDATE: There are also versions of the page translated into Japanese, German and French.

#26 Re: what a waste of time!!!

by Tanyel <>

Saturday August 12th, 2000 10:55 PM

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People were complaining about the appearance of Mozilla. I think this is Netscape's way of solving that problem.

Also, there are people who, like me, would not spend time fixing bugs unless they were being paid. However, they might try to make the web browser look good in exchange for an expensive prize.

Finally, while this is what you would expect of Mozilla, it is not what I would expect of Mozilla. If it was a typical Mozilla contest, the grand prize would probably be a T-shirt with a screenshot of the theme ironed onto it. The second prize would probably be a T-shirt with a picture of the television on it.