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Monday August 7th, 2000

Ben Goodger writes, "Over the past few weeks, Classic skin development has really taken off and the Classic skin is, I believe something that can be used every day, on all three platforms.

I recently posted to the n.p.m.ui newsgroup soliciting feedback on the development. I want to reach a broader audience so I'm asking mozillaZine readership the same questions..."

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#2 I just wish they'd fix the scrollbars..

by antony <>

Tuesday August 8th, 2000 12:12 AM

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I'm just waiting until they decide to do something with the patch I submitted last week to fix the problems with scrollbar colours in Classic on Win32 where the 3d object colours not the default grey. Gets kinda frustrating extracting new Moz builds and then having to copy the patched css file over the supplied one each time ;)

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