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Monday August 7th, 2000

Ben Goodger writes, "Over the past few weeks, Classic skin development has really taken off and the Classic skin is, I believe something that can be used every day, on all three platforms.

I recently posted to the n.p.m.ui newsgroup soliciting feedback on the development. I want to reach a broader audience so I'm asking mozillaZine readership the same questions..."

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#19 Make customizability options accessible to users

by Blake <>

Tuesday August 8th, 2000 8:58 PM

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I think it's great that the user can change the toolbar to text-only or pictures-only, and that he can add a Go button all by editing user.css, but such 'hidden features' won't benefit the enduser (nor will it help us in reviews that compare us to IE). We should maximize on customizability, given how easy it is. Why not a simple checkbox pref in the navigator prefs pane saying "Show Go button next to address bar." ? I realize it's a bit harder to implement the toolbar options in a preferences pane since not all skins will have toolbars with text or icons, which is a major drawback to having to design a user interface that is compatible with all skins. Any ideas, Ben?