Milestone 17 has Arrived!

Monday August 7th, 2000 has posted M17 binaries in the usual place. These are some really rock-solid builds, and are the best builds yet, IMHO... Grab them while they're hot!

Release Notes and a What's New page are also available for your pleasure.

This M17 build is essentially PR2, too - so if you want to check out the core of PR2 without all of the commercial cruft, grab this M17 release.

And if you're looking to be cutting-edge, you should be grabbing the M18 builds, which are already eclipsing the M17 builds in terms of quality.

#26 Bookmarks sidebar + more

by andersl <>

Wednesday August 9th, 2000 8:17 AM

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Hi, just havibng started M17, I can see a few problems: The bookmark sidebar seems unable to open my bookmarks - did anybody have the same problem, or solve it? Some HTML dosen't seem to render correctly, like deep nested tables (I can't give the address, it's not available on www). I see tooltips fot the first time, and on <…a/mozilla/usingmoz07.php3> tooltips seems to display IMG TITLE or DIV SUMMARY - rather stupid..., this should be more fleksible... Anyway, seems a nice build, lots of improvement!