Milestone 17 has Arrived!

Monday August 7th, 2000 has posted M17 binaries in the usual place. These are some really rock-solid builds, and are the best builds yet, IMHO... Grab them while they're hot!

Release Notes and a What's New page are also available for your pleasure.

This M17 build is essentially PR2, too - so if you want to check out the core of PR2 without all of the commercial cruft, grab this M17 release.

And if you're looking to be cutting-edge, you should be grabbing the M18 builds, which are already eclipsing the M17 builds in terms of quality.

#24 Miscellaneous Issues

by jck2000

Tuesday August 8th, 2000 10:19 PM

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I d/l'd M17 for Linux today (non-talkback). Navigator looked very good, Mail however would not come up properly -- basically (i) it appeared as if the main mail window was being painted in each frame of the mail window, (ii) the UI was not responsive and (iii) the bash shell window from which I ran Moz kept saying "stopping meteors" and incrementing the WEBSHELL count (73, when I put it out of its misery). Has anyone else seen this? <p> In any event, d/l'd the M18 nightly and am much happier. Except for (i) a variety of annoying but more-or-less trivial UI glitches (for instance, frequent cursor inconsistencies), (ii) lack of Java support and (iii) plug-in issues, I would chuck my NS 4.x. <p> As other posters have asked, I would appreciate it if people could provide clear advice on getting plugins and (if possible) Java to work under Linux. Though the M17 release notes said plugins were implemented, in M18, Preferences -> Navigator -> Helper Applications -> Edit brings up an "Edit Type" dialog that has options for only Navigator, Save to Disk and Application -- no Plugins, as NS 4.x has. Additionally, the Choose button for Application appears to be non-functional (bash window shows an uncaught NS_NOINTERFACE exception). <p> The grayed-out Tasks -> Newsgroups item is a trivial, but embarrassing, glitch. To get around it, go to Tasks -> Mail and then select Edit -> Mail/News Account Settings to set up news servers and to subscribe to groups (contrary to what an earlier poster said, there is GUI Subscribe function, its just a little hard to find). <p> Overall, though, I am very pleased by M18. It feels solid (hasn't crashed in the couple hours I have used it) and it scrolls faster and better (less flicker) than NS 4.61. I really think Moz is getting there. In another milestone or two, when they have Java working under Linux, I think things are going to get real exciting.