New Poll!

Friday August 4th, 2000

We have updated the poll to ask the question, how do you like your bookmarks? This has been a hot topic for the last few days, so we wanted to see how everyone felt about the removal of the bookmarks menu from the personal toolbar.

The last poll, how do you like your taskbar, was 2:1 in favor of a single taskbar. Vote away!

#26 How powerul will the sidebar be?

by coolqf <>

Wednesday August 9th, 2000 11:26 AM

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This idea pretty out their.... here it is. Will Netscape 6 be able to work like 'Windows Explorer'? like just looking through you hardrive with the same comfortability? I was thinking that lets say the microsoft appeal case ends in like 1yr and a half... they would have to remove IE from the windows platform, and the intergrated webbrowser has hit big. I think everybody prefers a intergrated web browser... and if consumers want that then companies like compaq would place the web browser in. Now... what if that web browser was Netscape 6? What if a person when buying a computer through the internet could customize it to come intergrated with their system? The company could also put it that when the user turns on the computerhe would get the option to intergrate a webbrowser with the system. like 'yes' 'no' or 'remind me later'. Come on, lets admit it... people that get computers have a high percentage chance of also using the net. so in a way a web browser is required when a new computer is bought. any body think that i'm seeing this is a wrong way or that this idea truly has possibilities. the appeal and all the changes have like a total of 3 yrs so it's no real hurry.. just thinking of the future