New Poll!

Friday August 4th, 2000

We have updated the poll to ask the question, how do you like your bookmarks? This has been a hot topic for the last few days, so we wanted to see how everyone felt about the removal of the bookmarks menu from the personal toolbar.

The last poll, how do you like your taskbar, was 2:1 in favor of a single taskbar. Vote away!

#17 Old school style!

by efk <>

Sunday August 6th, 2000 12:49 PM

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I really like the style that was used in ns3. (in windows) you could put an ampersand (&) infront of a letter and it would be come a hot key. This way, you could get to any bookmark with your keyboard ONLY. Another nice feature is that after a while you memorize key strokes and slashdot becomes "Alt-bns" -- granted it is a pain to find a key that isn't used yet, but after a while, it becomes simple!