M17 Coming Soon

Friday August 4th, 2000

Stuart Ballard writes, "I'm sure you already saw this, but Jan Leger posted a request for testing of the 'final' M17/NSb2 bits on n.p.m.seamonkey. The theory seems to be that if no big/blocker/high-visibility bugs are found, these bits will become final-final in ~3 days."

#17 Re: Just a few questions about NSbeta2/M17

by leger

Saturday August 5th, 2000 3:47 AM

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Java on Linux not in yet. Still working on it.

PlugIn Mgr is indeed IN in linux. Some plugins working. Query in Bugzilla under open bugs for Product:Browser, Component: PlugIns for open issues. Unsupported plug-ins at this time.

POP still has some open issues. Query in Bugzilla under open bugs for Product:MailNews, Component: Networking -POP to see them. Vote for the ones you would like to see fixed.

Bacic SSL passes for all platforms. See Product: PSM, both components AND Product: MailNews, Component: Security-General for open bugs.