M17 Coming Soon

Friday August 4th, 2000

Stuart Ballard writes, "I'm sure you already saw this, but Jan Leger posted a request for testing of the 'final' M17/NSb2 bits on n.p.m.seamonkey. The theory seems to be that if no big/blocker/high-visibility bugs are found, these bits will become final-final in ~3 days."

#1 Finally...

by Brendon

Friday August 4th, 2000 1:44 PM

Atlast, maybe now i can use this great software suite permanently. Three questions if i may, 1) AIM can be used in the Sidebar, will this be possible with ICQ? -_please_ let it be so- 2) In messenger the menu buttons (subject, from ect.) will it be possible to do a more outlook-like setup (mail icon as the first button on the right, so it is easily noticeable what mail is read and what not, im sure im not the only one who feels this should be so (eventhough i use netscape messenger.)..) 3) History, i doubt you will find any person who _doesnt_ want it in the Sidebar. Your doing a great job on Mozilla, please continue the good work and seriously consider implementing ICQ or other instant messengers -the ability to choose maybe?- and History in the Sidebar, I am sure many, many consider those two something that needs to be considered.

#5 Re: Finally...

by jelwell

Friday August 4th, 2000 2:43 PM

As for History in your sidebar, check out (vote for, and try create a patch for) this bug: It's marked helpwanted, so try to learn to program mozilla, (which is really easy, as a lot of is just javascript and XUL (and XUL is very similar to HTML).

You won't see ICQ in PR2, but I know AOL is already working on interoperability between ICQ and AIM. They do own both... I don't know the extent of the timeline on that, but they have submitted stuff to the IETF. I would expect outside Mozilla developers to create sidebar panels for their Messenging systems. I know the Jabber people have that as a high priority. And I'm sure once 6.0 is released people will work on getting an ICQ et all clients working in Mozilla. Joseph Elwell.

#6 ICQ

by Kovu

Friday August 4th, 2000 2:56 PM

ICQ interoperability is not what the poster meant, I think. That's a large issue because AOL says they don't want ICQ's spam issues hassling AIM members. Trust me, using ICQ with a little-known number and no info in my profile I get porn sites sent to me all the time and there isn't a thing you can do about it. That's why AOL doesn't want interoperability, until they can solve that, or so they say. It makes sense.

Using ICQ in the sidebar is something totally different, and should be implemented as soon as possible.

#9 Re: ICQ

by Anon

Friday August 4th, 2000 3:26 PM

yeah, I bet some people have a bot of some sort that mass-sends porn URLs, I get them too. I just auto-decline URLs from people not on my list, however, and it blocks them all.

Yes, I agree, ICQ in the sidebar would be a great thing, and a huge feat - considering the vastly complex nature of some of ICQ's features (peer-to-peer chat, for one).

#8 Jabber

by mrOpie

Friday August 4th, 2000 3:22 PM

There is currently some work underway to make it possible to use Jabber in Mozilla. Jabber is a complete instant messaging system based on XML that happens to be able to talk to ICQ, AIM, IRC, SMTP, and essentially anything that you write a transport for.

Information about Jabber can be found at (, JabberCentral (, and, Inc (

#10 Re: Jabber

by ERICmurphy

Friday August 4th, 2000 3:54 PM

Here is a little treat for ya:

Look for it in a few weeks ;-)

#11 Wow!

by Waldo

Friday August 4th, 2000 6:30 PM

how cool! I can't wait!! It's cross platform too, huh? So that means the client will work for everyone.

Nice work, W

#12 cool

by pohl

Friday August 4th, 2000 8:32 PM

I'm on the edge of my seat. I'm tired of getting icq porn-spam.

#13 Re: cool

by FrodoB

Friday August 4th, 2000 9:35 PM

You could always use Odigo.... (It's a lot like Jabber, in that it can access other protocols, but I find the client is a bit better at this point [Jabber seems to really work badly in 120 dpi in Windows].) Gotta love those solutions that work by not having functions to send URLs to others, outside of regular messaging. :)

#14 Re: Re: Jabber

by Anon

Saturday August 5th, 2000 1:21 AM

man, I want a nightly of this.

#16 Re: Finally...

by leger

Saturday August 5th, 2000 3:34 AM

No ICQ in Sidebar yet. Outlook-like and history suggestions heard. Make sure to write an enhancement bugs in Bugzilla for these. One bug per suggestion. We are pretty much feature complete for our firstmozilla/netscape product. So not a high chance for these in for Netscape 6.

#19 Use ICQ# as a SN on AIM to message ICQ members!

by Micko

Saturday August 5th, 2000 5:57 PM

AOL now lets you put in an ICQ number from AIM and Instant Message people on ICQ... possible because AIM names cannot start with a number and can be up to 16 chars long... Just thought I would mention it. Chat, of course, is not implemented :).

#20 Re: Use ICQ# as a SN on AIM to message ICQ members

by Anon

Saturday August 5th, 2000 6:46 PM

Which version is this? I don't see it on 3.0N (I had 4.0, but Netscape had the liberty to overwrite it with its own version when I installed 4.74).

#21 Are you pulling my leg?

by gerbilpower

Saturday August 5th, 2000 8:07 PM

I have AIM 4.1.2031 and this doesn't work. If something like this was already in AIM news about this would have spread like wildfire.

#22 This is what I was told

by Micko

Sunday August 6th, 2000 2:09 AM

A few months ago, a lot of people on AIM were talking about it. Lately, I have been working and have not been in touch with these people... But I heard the same several times that that was what they weer doing. I personally don't know anyone on ICQ though. It may be possible that they through it in on one of the betas and took it out because it was buggy... I have no idea. I'll look into it and see what I can find, since it seems not to work now :)

#2 Just a few questions about NSbeta2/M17

by Salsaman

Friday August 4th, 2000 2:04 PM

1) Will it support java under Linux ? 2) Will it support plugins under Linux ? ( Either new ones or backwards compatible with 4.x ) 3) Will pop mail be reliable ? (I'd hate to lose any email messages). 4) Will it support SSL ?

#4 Re: Just a few questions about NSbeta2/M17

by jelwell

Friday August 4th, 2000 2:37 PM

Java under linux is not working. See this bug for more info:

However plugins do work - In fact 4.x plugins should probably work just fine. I know I copy over all the files in my 4.x plugin directory over to my 6.0 plugin directory - and Flash is the major player there; and Flash works great.

#17 Re: Just a few questions about NSbeta2/M17

by leger

Saturday August 5th, 2000 3:47 AM

Java on Linux not in yet. Still working on it.

PlugIn Mgr is indeed IN in linux. Some plugins working. Query in Bugzilla under open bugs for Product:Browser, Component: PlugIns for open issues. Unsupported plug-ins at this time.

POP still has some open issues. Query in Bugzilla under open bugs for Product:MailNews, Component: Networking -POP to see them. Vote for the ones you would like to see fixed.

Bacic SSL passes for all platforms. See Product: PSM, both components AND Product: MailNews, Component: Security-General for open bugs.

#3 Can't wait

by Alastor

Friday August 4th, 2000 2:17 PM

I can hardly wait, I tried the latest M17 builds and they are good. They are quite fast and stable! And they have great improvements since Milestone 16!

Now only think of what will I use... Netscape or Mozilla ;)

#7 Well, my Netscape 6 wants to explode

by Kovu

Friday August 4th, 2000 2:58 PM

Netscape 6 as of today comes up with a time bomb message telling me that the preview release is over, redirecting to a site that doesn't exist. Evidently AOL thought they'd have PR2 out by now. OOPS!

#15 Time bomb problem fixed

by leger

Saturday August 5th, 2000 3:28 AM

go get bits again. All repackaged with time bomb date changed. Win32 - 2000-08-04-05-M17 (same as earlier build #) Mac - 2000-08-04-15-M17 Win32 - 2000-08-04-14-M17

#18 Re: Time bomb problem fixed

by leger

Saturday August 5th, 2000 3:52 AM

I meant Win32 - 2000-08-04-05-M17 Mac - 2000-08-04-15-M17 and LINUX - 2000-08-04-14-M17 oops...