Mike Cornall: There is Nothing Wrong With Mozilla

Wednesday August 2nd, 2000

Mike Cornall has written a piece for Linux Today titled "There is Nothing Wrong With Mozilla". In it, Mr. Cornall makes the case for Mozilla, arguing against some misconceptions and mischaracterizations in a piece that appeared at There is also another piece at, this one by Erik Severinghaus, which is also worth checking out.

#7 Re: IE skin

by dave532

Friday August 4th, 2000 4:47 AM

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I know of such a skin and I like it but most Netscape 6 users are going to stick with the default theme (which hopefully will be changed to classic) and the ones who explore the prefs may just stick with the ones already available.

So I think Netscape 6 should come with an IE theme alongside the others.

There should be an option for items to be listed in the themes menu that aren't installed on the hard disk but are downloaded when the user first requests the theme. This would save users disk space.

Please, please, please Netscape ship with classic by default or I can be sure you'll get quite a bit of poor first impressions.