Mike Cornall: There is Nothing Wrong With Mozilla

Wednesday August 2nd, 2000

Mike Cornall has written a piece for Linux Today titled "There is Nothing Wrong With Mozilla". In it, Mr. Cornall makes the case for Mozilla, arguing against some misconceptions and mischaracterizations in a piece that appeared at There is also another piece at, this one by Erik Severinghaus, which is also worth checking out.

#3 Re: The war isn't over yet

by dave532

Thursday August 3rd, 2000 9:49 AM

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Good to see a pro mozilla article. I've showed some of the latest builds around here and have convinced people to make sure their websites will work in Mozilla and then people start reading the bad press and wondering why they should bother as no one will download it.

We need to get this sorted out if we can't convince people that Mozilla is worth waiting for then it may come a time when developers won't really care about Netscape. Mozilla can only be ready when it's ready but we need plenty of pro mozilla artices around to keep the interest going.

As for the current usability of Mozilla, it's my browser of choice on most platforms at the moment. I'm trying to see how long I can go on using Netscape 4.73 on this machine before the urge to install mozilla becomes overwhelming ;)

Some of the nightly builds lately have been excellent that they're definitely usable as my primary browser.

There's only a few problems: AFAIK you still need glibc 2.1 or above to run on Linux (so some machines I can't use it on)

I've only tried it on fairly powerful machines (128MB mem and 300MHz +) back in the days when I had only 64MB RAM mozilla used to use up the memory very quickly although I'm sure these memory bugs have been mostly fixed.

The default Modern skin (first impressions and all that) will put off quite a few people. Some people like it so it should be there but make classic as default as people are familiar with it, also introduce a skin with icons similar to IE (if it's legal for Netscape to do so) and one with the icons from the pre-modern skin (the early milestones).