Mike Cornall: There is Nothing Wrong With Mozilla

Wednesday August 2nd, 2000

Mike Cornall has written a piece for Linux Today titled "There is Nothing Wrong With Mozilla". In it, Mr. Cornall makes the case for Mozilla, arguing against some misconceptions and mischaracterizations in a piece that appeared at There is also another piece at, this one by Erik Severinghaus, which is also worth checking out.

#12 Stupid arguments

by jutin

Tuesday September 12th, 2000 5:19 AM

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a browser that use 99 MB of memory after a few hours of browsing is not very well-suited to Internet Appliance or game Console (unless you have heard of a game console with 256 MB of memory )

Linux is more a server OS than a desktop OS (very few people use it professionaly for desktop : less than 0.1 % probably) so don\'t count on Linux to increase the Market Share of Mozilla (i think Solaris workstation would be more efficient here)

If other windows user don\'t want to use Mozilla because it is too slow, or eats too much memory why would Aol users do so (they can change the default browser)!

And has Communicator is more stable (less code, less bloat) people will continue to use it .

I heard your answer : \"Mozilla is developpement\". But mozilla is unstable because of his bad archictecture (XUL and so on) not because of it is not finished.

If Netscape can makes his bloated Mozilla product works why nobody has achieved the same result with other bloated product like MS Office or Win 2K ! It is not a matter of time : too much line of code mean code that will never works !