BugDay Today!

Tuesday August 1st, 2000

Asa Dotzler writes, "It's BugDay again and M17 is in our sights! Join us for our weekly collaborative bug hunting, reporting and triaging effort on IRC server channel #mozillazine this afternoon and evening as we hammer on the builds looking for that Milestone candidate. We'll be talking about the branch and the tip, testing both sets of builds and doing some maintenance work on bugs in Bugzilla. If you're new to the project we've got plenty of friendly people ready to help you get started. If you're a veteran tester we'd love to see you there today as we prepare for M17 (and Netscape's beta2 which will be based on M17). Join us, this Tuesday and every Tuesday as we work to make Mozilla better."

#4 test

by mozineAdmin

Monday August 28th, 2000 3:35 PM

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