Mozilla OS/2 Update

Monday July 31st, 2000

Barry Marshall writes, "More fun and games on the OS/2 front this week in n.p.m.o.

"On the OS/2 Ports page you can now see all of the OS/2-specific checkins. The current work is focused on getting the gfx code up to the latest level (it was still pretty well at the M7 level until recently).

"The third M17 preview binary is available at Henry Sobotka's site. Make sure to pick up the graphics fix as well if you want to install it.

"One big change is that Dimitris 'sehh' Michelinakis has also put together an Installer for the code, so this should help less-experienced OS/2 users give the code a spin. It's included in the package.

"The screen shots were also updated for Classic and Modern skins. Make sure to check out the 'Installer' and 'The Dozen Dragons' folder under the Miscelaneous section to see our happy little mascot!"

Thanks for the update, Barry!

#3 (Offtopic) BEOS Builds?

by aengblom <>

Wednesday August 2nd, 2000 7:14 AM

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Anyone have any news about BeZilla? It's still on milestone 8 :(. I know work continues, but you'd think one of these days a milestone would make it!