Katsuhiko Momoi on The O'Reilly Open Source Conference

Monday July 31st, 2000

Ryuzi Kambe writes, "Katsuhiko Momoi, an evangelist of mozilla's i18n work, has written a report on the O'Reilly Open Source Conference. It has a summary of each Mozilla session, so it is worth checking out if you weren't there.

"PS has moved completely to this URL:"

An interesting quote from the article:

"... there was also a consensus emerging that Mozilla is critically important to the Open Source Community and a lot of people in this crowd are using Mozilla."

It's good to hear that Linux folks are warming to Mozilla. If you are attending the LinuxWorld conference in August, why not go to the 2nd Mozilla Developer's meeting the day after the conference ends (Friday, August 18th)? Join the Meetzilla mailing list, and they'll reserve a badge for you the day of the conference.

#1 Japanese Transration

by ryuzi

Wednesday August 2nd, 2000 12:00 AM

I have translated this report to Japanese it is beta version,,and it would move to in the near future.