More Pictures from the First Mozilla Developers Meeting

Thursday July 27th, 2000

To get an indication of what the second developer meeting will be like, take a look at some recently unearthed photos from the first meeting in April.

#4 You can almost see me!

by Kovu <>

Friday July 28th, 2000 6:27 AM

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This was the breakout session. From left to right that's Asa (minutes away from talking to Mitchell about getting a job (which he now has), Eli Goldberg (top, QA, in charge of the QA page at and leader of the soon to be famous "Netscape employee-to-be tour of the "microsoft campus" at Netscape (those in this picture took it)," and then Gerv in front of Eli, and then me (James Russell, kovu, etc.) and my Mozilla hat and finally Kerz (Jason Kersey), now a Netscape QA employee, in front of me.

Of a picture originally containing one Netscape employee it now contains three, in my case hopefully soon to be four, and then we just have to harass Gerv. Time Gerv! Netscape now man! Let's go! All aboard?