More Pictures from the First Mozilla Developers Meeting

Thursday July 27th, 2000

To get an indication of what the second developer meeting will be like, take a look at some recently unearthed photos from the first meeting in April.

#3 Seriously though...

by bjensen <>

Friday July 28th, 2000 3:22 AM

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You've gone and done it, Chris... you've added a 'human' element to all of this... now I feel a bit like shit for ever have given ya such a hard time.

I'm a bit notorious on the web when it comes to forums... sitting back and looking at it I'd have to say that it's the absence of the 'human element' that can make me such a pain in the ass at times. No voice, no pictures/video, no emphasis of words, tone in speech, ad infinitum...

There has been so much *shit* that's been thrown Moz's way, recently. 'Humanizing' everything will surely put things in perspective.

I'd say keep doing it... especially in regards to the Moz developers. Show the folks the 'men behind the machine' so to speak.