Communicator 4.5 Released!!!

Friday October 16th, 1998

Scratch that last post! 4.5 is out at the ftp sites! Hit - to get yours! Mac, Win, and 25 different Unix flavors for your enjoyment!

#6 Re:Communicator 4.5 Released!!!

by Jason <>

Saturday October 17th, 1998 11:42 AM

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Well, after extended usage of 4.5, I have to say that it is excellent. The speed is awsome, Java loads in under 10 seconds, getting a huge newsgroup goes astonishingly fast, and just overall speed is up. The browser war may be over, but someone forgot to tell the engineers this!

Now that 4.5 is done, we get all the developers to work on 5.0. Life is looking up in Netscape browser land!