Communicator 4.5 Released!!!

Friday October 16th, 1998

Scratch that last post! 4.5 is out at the ftp sites! Hit - to get yours! Mac, Win, and 25 different Unix flavors for your enjoyment!

#10 NOT rock solid

by Michael Babcock <>

Sunday October 18th, 1998 1:05 PM

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First, like all netscapes it has horrible memory leak problems.

Second, it has hang problems. Set it to pop up a window when it wants to accept a cookie. Then use the right mousebutton to popup a menu to go back. Browse around a lot. Sometimes when you click the right-popup menu and a cookie dialog pops up at the same time, you're mouse is grabbed and you are stuck. This is probably a Motif problem (like everything) but it needs to be worked around!