Get Mozilla Themes at!

Tuesday July 25th, 2000 is now a host for Mozilla themes! If you're interested in getting your themes out to the masses, go check it out! They have been kind enough to take on the work now that the chromeZone is on hiatus. Thanks, guys!

#7 Re: why not

by ElCoronel <>

Sunday July 30th, 2000 8:33 AM

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Eventually we will have a '' (though the url does work now - as a redirect), at We added the section to for now, because a) the community needed a place to store and obtain skins now since the chromeZone closed, and b) was the easiest section to integrate it into. We do have plans to create a seperate skins section at for things like xmms, mozilla and others but that's going to take some time because we want to make that part of our code rewrite so it's done right from the beginning. Please be patient, soon won't redirect. :-)