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Thursday July 20th, 2000

The WSP (Web Standards Project) now states that it is interested in released products more than compliance, and has released one of the most astounding pieces of work I have seen come out of their office.

The WaSP, a pseudonym which speaks for the whole WSP (or at least its leaders) has written a piece taking Netscape to task for failing to produce a browser in the allotted time limit. Click "Full Article..." below to read my response. For the record, I am not an employee of Netscape.

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by marm

Friday July 21st, 2000 11:12 AM

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No, it's not just you. The Web Standards Project is rapidly losing my respect as an organisation that actually means anything - it has been blunted by a wish to appear non-partisan, and, more importantly, a fundamental non-understanding of the issues involved in getting an extremely complex piece of software standards-compliant and released. I think this is something even IE developers must feel, given the scathing attacks on IE5.5, and I suspect this rant about the non-releasedness of mozilla is essentially a toned-down mix of emails received by the WSP from microserfs enraged by the treatment of IE5.5 they got and the implied praise of the non-released mozilla.

So, my opinion is this: Stuff the Web Standards Project and their ramblings. Mozilla committed to producing a standards-compliant, stable, fast, reliable browser. That ethos should stay, no matter how long it takes, because those are the defining features of a good browser, and no-one else has achieved that yet.

As for Netscape continuing to keep NS4.x alive... well, maybe the WSP do have a point ;)