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Thursday July 20th, 2000

The WSP (Web Standards Project) now states that it is interested in released products more than compliance, and has released one of the most astounding pieces of work I have seen come out of their office.

The WaSP, a pseudonym which speaks for the whole WSP (or at least its leaders) has written a piece taking Netscape to task for failing to produce a browser in the allotted time limit. Click "Full Article..." below to read my response. For the record, I am not an employee of Netscape.

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by Zelphyr

Friday July 21st, 2000 1:27 PM

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It sure does take long time! It took the original team of Netscape developers (which was pretty a small group itself at the time) all of less than a year to put out the first release. Granted it didn't have nearly as many "features" (see: useless buttons) as current versions have.

How long has Mozilla been going? Almost 4 years now. FOUR YEARS!!!!

I think the issue here is, why is development continuing *at all* on the 4.x version? Why not devote EVERY SINGLE RESOURCE AVAILABLE to making Mozilla production ready?

What seems to be lost in all the din here is that the browser is a major key to the ongoing success of Linux. If Internet Explorer becomes the de-facto standard browser then nobody is going to develop for Linux anymore.

I'm personally watching with anticipation at the Konquerer project. They have what appears to be a very robust browser component and to my knowledge it hasn't taken them 3 1/2 years to build it.