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Thursday July 20th, 2000

The WSP (Web Standards Project) now states that it is interested in released products more than compliance, and has released one of the most astounding pieces of work I have seen come out of their office.

The WaSP, a pseudonym which speaks for the whole WSP (or at least its leaders) has written a piece taking Netscape to task for failing to produce a browser in the allotted time limit. Click "Full Article..." below to read my response. For the record, I am not an employee of Netscape.

#19 It's the XUL, stupid

by ryampolsky <>

Friday July 21st, 2000 12:21 PM

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Look, I agree that WSP is whining, and MS has killed the marketplace and all that.

But some of this has been brought on by Mozilla itself. Gecko's been in pretty good shape for a long time now, and I imagine that what's taking so long is getting the whole XUL-based wrapper up to speed.

The real issue is whether the Mozilla folks have just been too ambitious with their feature set. The WSP folks want a standards-compliant browser. Whether the world needs a massively scriptable cross-platform GUI development kit is another question.

Don't get me wrong. I personally believe that's just what the world needs (don't really know about the 'massively scriptable part', though). Still, I'm a great believer in taking a phased approach with polished, workable results at various points along the way.

Rather than lash out at critics, you might want to comment on why it was thought necessary to try to do it all at once.