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Thursday July 20th, 2000

The WSP (Web Standards Project) now states that it is interested in released products more than compliance, and has released one of the most astounding pieces of work I have seen come out of their office.

The WaSP, a pseudonym which speaks for the whole WSP (or at least its leaders) has written a piece taking Netscape to task for failing to produce a browser in the allotted time limit. Click "Full Article..." below to read my response. For the record, I am not an employee of Netscape.

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by bjensen <>

Tuesday July 25th, 2000 2:25 AM

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While not really relevant to your just prior post... I respect you greatly for your 'Back the Amiga Cause' agenda... but you do need to wake up to a few facts that are, more often than not, overlooked by the folks wearing the same style of boot as you.

I'll refer you to an article written by some folks that certainly have no 'love of Microsoft'...


You have got to drop the 'Mozilla can do no wrong' kinda attitude.

The users are the ones that will dictate the success of Mozilla... not what the Moz developers, web developers, etc... think.