Galeon Browser for Linux

Wednesday July 19th, 2000

The Galeon browser for Linux, based on Mozilla' rendering engine, is now available. The website has information on the project, how to build, a link to an RPM of the app, and a screenshot.

Thanks to Ryuzi Kambe for the news.

#1 It is also slashdotted

by ryuzi

Wednesday July 19th, 2000 8:01 AM

#2 Do it in Mozilla!

by jelwell

Wednesday July 19th, 2000 11:53 AM

Someone posted a <A HREF="">comment</A> in Slashdot already, that points out that you can already do this in the Mozilla. There's a gtk embedding project and few compile-time flags you can set to have this thing be pumped out by the build process. Joseph Elwell.

#3 not really

by damian

Wednesday July 19th, 2000 12:23 PM

As someone on that slashdot post already pointed out, it's not the same thing. The galeon browser is an implementation of the gtk embedding project, using the libgtkmozembed file that comes with Mozilla. But you can not build this from the mozilla sources. You can build a Mozilla with XUL interface without the mail or composer, but galeon implements a GTK interface.

#4 What this means:

by damian

Thursday July 20th, 2000 12:47 AM

What this means is it is quite possible to build a good, clean, fast, browser-only, native (NOT XUL!) interface for Mozilla. (for all of you out there who always bitch about these things)

#5 great proof of concept !

by RvR

Thursday July 20th, 2000 3:43 AM

now, hopefully, people who don't like's XUL interface will stop whining about it.

this is one of the best news in months

ps: as far as i've used it, this native interface is not significantly faster than the XUL one. but it's interesting anyway...

#6 sorry for the poor formatting of this post (n/t)

by RvR

Thursday July 20th, 2000 3:44 AM


#7 OFFTOPIC: Oreilly Conference

by basic

Thursday July 20th, 2000 1:17 PM

Anybody went to the conference? Any Moz news to report?

#8 Even More Off-topic

by Tanyel

Thursday July 20th, 2000 7:22 PM

How can I change the default webpage for the mail program in Netscape 4.73?